** Dec 11 Tue 03:53 **
О ălon℮1: G wiz/01 here, sending something seriously sincere

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Rather than broadcast some “spiel” about a solitary girl being kidnapped, immaterial fables of music video auditions or some sickening images of tots performing fellatio, why dont you take a second to ponder something substantial

“…lessons are not learned and blood is soon forgotten.”


Let us quickly explain

On Monday BBC’s Panorama (How Safe Is Your Hospital) investigated cases of medical incompetence, clinical negligence and professional misconduct, finding that, “nearly 3,000 patients die every year because of blunders on NHS wards and [a] further 7,500 are left severely harmed.”
(Source: daily mail, dec 3rd 2012)

Unless mistaken, that’s a lot more than the 200 max that die of gun-related incidents …so why don’t all these “coons” marching about ‘deaths in our streets’ start camapaigning about deaths in our institutions


But the point is…

3,000 is serious business

And yet, nothing new

Recall this:

“According to the British Medical Journal, more than 30,000 people in the UK are killed every year by doctors, consultants, surgeons etc through mistakes, misdiagnoses and so on”…

Wait…don’t comment yet, let’s repeat that number


“30,000 people”


And yet, when did that article appear in the Guardian


July 16, 2003

Not much has improved

And so…

Before begging for twitter followers, youtube views, event promotions or facebook likes, how about taking a second to prioritise, perhaps realising the message of Rod Liddle from 2003:

“Health Warning: Doctor’s Kill’

And remember:

“We know all these things…and [yet] still, with all this knowledge available, we make exactly the same mistakes, and do nothing to change the situation”


…Upset Now ??

…If so, let us remind you

If anyone is offended by anything broadcast…

…nothing personal
…take it collectively



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