Exotic Erotic

G wiz

Many years ago, my black “friends” asked why I refuse 2B loyal to “blackness” & instead, settle with white women. Many mocked me, called me a “bounty” & even accused us of “jungle fever” & yet, years later, these proud black men have come to live out a contradiction as they came to “settle.” Here’s why:

Firstly, race is not (just) about “colour/complexion”, but actually, a confluence of three variables:
•Hair texture
•Facial Features, &
•Skin Colour

According to the legendary Rudolph Steiner – & other minds¹ – u can then group people according 2 their “ethnic origin”, which itself, tends to be responsible 4 their ‘general and distinctive composition’…& yet, with the advent of “racial mixing” few things are clear, hence, many people are afflicted with the crisis of identity. Attempting to fill this void, we have been left with pitiful definitions:-

With Black WomanHood Being Defined As “shape/size” (“booty”), the contradiction becomes apparent:

Black guys refuse to mingle (“miscegenate”) with “the enemy”, unless of course, she is not in the “image & likeness” of the enemy…

It means that they reject the typical “white” phenotype – the established paradigm of “whiteness/white-beauty” – unless the girl is “mixed” – only, by mixed, they really mean “potent”, vis-a-vis, ‘she has a booty’

BUT the days of 2D snowflake are dwindling² & with the rise of “the new phenomenon like white women with ass³ “, black booty – the premise of black “beauty” – has been devalued. Boys won’t “tolerate” the mind of THAT body any longer.

That said, they can excuse themselves by “mixing” with racially ambiguous (or, less than white “whites”) who operate under the auspices of being “exotic”⁴ , &4 this reason…

Black Girls…BE-REAR


¹ i.e. Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus
² owing to dietary changes, geographical patterns, eugenics etc
³ gangster rapper “Ludacris” *music*
⁴ beauty has, evidently, supplanted race, as the basis of identity

 Emile



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