G Wiz

01 here, bringing you something fresh

For all phuckers out there, phans of phuckry and thuckrydom, G Wiz/01 has returned to terrorise you that little longer as our our modern minstrel shows goes large.


G wiz. U’ve now entered Minstrel Mania & we are live…PureAirTv are ur B B M Bullies & Local Entertainers… So ॐ… If u keep us on as contacts, we shall challenge u with insults, provoke u with updates, upset u with broadcasts & offend u with ₯’ș. All Aboard. Our Team Is The Meanest ★

Now 4 House Rules:

If u want us to BC ur pin, ur better off trying to “erase racism”, meaning, u’ve got no chance…
(& besides, some of u are so mundane on here, we wonder what u Could offer our contacts if we did BC U)

4 those who want 2C our “own” pic/₯:

I charge £2 per body part & send the pics once every fortnight. Plz subscribe & collect the whole set so that by the end, u’ll have a whole pic. Issue 1: my finger

,_/ \\ ,-“””-.
) )~=:’ ( ) )brooooot…
_|,| ‘-,,,,,-‘

…& In terms of the work we do 4 the community &4 charity, our sister company “Licky Nation” (*dine*) offers practical workshops on how 2 please when on ur knees

that said, if ur a: Coon, Jiggaboo, Jungle Bunny, Negro/Negrito, Nig-Nog, Spook, Spade, Moon Cricket, Yard Ape, Sootie, Darkie, Wog, Porch Monkey/Baboon/Gorilla, Billy Reuben, Biscuit Lips, Mushroom Nose, Burnt Cracker, Minstrel, Zulu, Sambo, Tar Baby, Gable, Kaffir, or other general, Beetle…

then as we told S̤̈̊ⓗӓƴ, “…drop in some day at your convenience …to discuss this difficult individual”

We would have much less trouble if our psychologists refrained from speaking for the first five years, for most of them are preaching with no more foundation for their eloquence than two weeks’ study with someone no better informed than themselves.

…ⓢⓠⓤⓘⓖⓖⓔⓡ 


Finally, sometimes we randomly like to clearout our pic collections (DPC’s) & so, during these event specials:
1. Slow Replies
2. I Plead The 5th
& yes, the pics are deleted after they’re uploaded so if u want, take it, or else, lose it!



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