If in London, please tune in to 91.6 (FM). If anywhere else, please go online to:
There you will hear some coon explaining that the ancient egyptians were black


Yes, this author has finally provided the definitive proof which changes everything

Yes…even though tomorrow is red nose day – an 8 hour charity appeal, spearheaded by Europeans (oops, I meant, non-africans), to raise funds for africa, in main – this info changes everything. WOW

In honour of these great ancestors, I’ll break from being a “realist”, to pay tribute to all that is great about black people…

1 The black man is god
2 Black people can walk on water
3 Black people taught us how to eat
4 The black woman gives birth to gods
5 The black female is queen
6 Ethiopians created coffee
7 Africans fought colonial powers
8 The ashanti warriors battled valiantly
9 Black people invented many things
10 Blacks have a month to themselves
11 Kemet was a golden civilisation
12 Europe did not always exist…


Tune in for plenty more positive thinking, feel good, be happy, rhetoric…

Black Power

P.S. Don’t forget to go work for The Man tomorrow, or we’ll shut u down.




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