Guide To Pure Air Tv

ОMălon℮1: G wiz/01 here, offering up a guide to PureAirTv on this dazzling date (12/12/12)

Following the death of “that lady” we thought it would be useful to get BETTER clarity in terms of the purposes we serve, so listen up …

buTT before that ¤ REALISE:

i) we AREN’T paying you to read this
ii) you CAN press delete

A. About G Wiz [& Mac B]
We are mixed-raced/coloured/bi-racial entertainers who likes to explore race and challenge conventions

At some point, you will likely be upset by one of the following
•The DP
•The Updates
•The status

just remember two things:
Rule 1) “…at least 87% of anything I say here is for entertainment purposes only”
Rule 2) “…prepare to be offended”


Yes, expect jokes, laughs and smiles and yet,
If you are still disgusted by our conduct and manner – asking why we aren’t “more serious” – tell me which of the following quotes lingers longer:

“Well-informed cynicism is only another mode of conformity. These people willingly embrace or force themselves to accept the rule of the stronger as the eternal norm.”


“Everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it”



…So let’s keep smiling for even if in 9 days we are to go into oblivion…
…PureAirTv…we still be talking

Please follow us on Twittage, Headbook, and OurSpace
And please continue to check the youtube page

Remember, for every 100 views, we're donating 1p to Africa…oops…Alkebulan
And again…let us remind you

…If anyone is offended by anything broadcast

…Nothing personal
…Take it collectively

** Dec 12 Wed 00:40 **
О ălon℮1: "[Pranks allow] the cynical and cruel to humiliate the gullible and naive" Sydney's 'Sunday Telegraph' columnist Miranda Devine after Jacintha Saldanha's death
** Dec 12 Wed 00:43 **


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