Licky Nation

Sex education? How to Eat n Lick Pussy?
If you’re going to eat the pussy, do it right! Don’t suck her clit too hard, and don’t just sit there licking it like a wild lizard! There is a process to eating pussy. Build up to it. Lick a trail from her neck to her nipples down to her thighs. Lick by it, but don’t go for it just yet. Tease her. Make her want it. Then lick the outer pussy lips veeeeery slowly. Suck on them. One at a time. Reach up to play with her nipples while you’re doing it. And when she starts to squirm, grab her hips and part that pussy with your tongue. She should already be soaking wet. Slurp that shit up. Tease the clit. Lick it. Slowly. Up and down. Then speed the tempo and lick it left to right. Pull back and use a finger to tease it more. She should be heavy breathing, moaning, squirming, and dripping by then, but don’t stop there. Tongue fuck her and play with her clit. Keep going till she cums all over your face. And even after she cums, keep going. Tease that clit. Nibble on it. Finger it. Suck on it. Make her beg you to stop! And then, after you have given her a leg shaking, cum dripping, drenching, sheet gripping orgasm, proceed to dick her down. And THAT my friends is the proper way to eat pussy. Fellas, take notes. Just because you eat pussy don’t mean you do it right. don’t stop d trail,were living in a freaky world so stop hide n do it most times

Morning All
jus plain evil dis mrnin


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