G Wiz/01 here with a special broadcast, ahead of that special day in two weeks time, but first, a quote:

“You embarrassed the girl, sacrifice yourself on the alter of dignity and even the score “
Ten Things I Hate About You

Yes indeed, it is a man’s duty to do his best to make his woman (and all women in general) feel like the queens that they are, and yet, it has recently come to my attention that lots of males are mistreating women and not respecting them.

Even if this amuses you males, this unacceptable behaviour will not get you a valentines, and so, ahead of that special day, G “The Dean” Malone, is going to broadcast some special advice, hints and tips, to capture and keep that special women u are dating and/or dreaming of:

The 7 Habits of highly effective men

1. Even if you don’t get sucked, make sure that you let her suck your wallet dry
2. Always get a pass from your woman if you want to “hang out” with the “homies”
3. Bring flowers on the first date
4. defend her if other guys talk about having “ran a train” on her
5. always take her with you when you go out – this way she will learn to trust you
6. always go to bed when she goes bed
7. have her message on your answer phone

Contingency Plan

Women, as divine as they are, are not yet perfect, and so, if they make mistakes, we must also appreciate that they are only human. Many times when women aren’t getting their emotional needs met by inconsiderate men, they might accidentally get drunk and have a one night stand, but, fear not: ALWAYS 4GIV!

Again people, if you don’t want 2B lonely for Valentines Day, then make sure you start living this now! Females are our creators and we should honour them to the max!

& the next time a jerk/loser tells you that NICE GUYS FINISH LAST, just tell them, 2nd MOUSE GETS CHEESE

…so there you have it…

…and if any1 is offended by anything broadcast,

…nothing personal
…take it collectively

** Feb 9 Sat 21:45 **



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