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Secrets of Alpha Males

ОMălon℮1: G wiz,

Secrets of Alpha Males

When was the last time u cleaned up or washed the dishes, opened the car door or bought flowers?


Be nice, kind, caring & loving 2 ur women as they R best thing in the whole world & without them, U would be nothing. Women R Gods, so remember

• Never let ur woman leave the house without rubbing/oiling her feet. If she is ashamed about part of her feet then make sure U suck her toes & caress them with ur mouth. This way U will put her at ease & show her U care.
• Never let her do house work, especially not dishes, as she may damage her nails. This will not only make her happy but will save U money off her cosmetics bill.
• & Be Queen of your household even when wearing trousers.


Bonus Material: The Rules

Women R a complete mystery, & yet, with the help of people such as John Gray (“Men are From Mars…”) we can do our best 2 ensure that we love them more than we understand them. Always remember:

• Woman are wise, pure & have good hearts so treat them right
• Always understand when ur woman has to work late
• If ur woman is always on the internet & turns it off when U come in, then realise that U should never interrupt her – honour her privacy (Just continue 2 pay 4 her increasing phone bill.)
• It’s not about being strong but sharing. Get emotional with her & always write her poetry (Say “I LOVE U” daily!)
• There’s no shame If she hits U or If U R brought 2 ur knees, & 2 tears, by ur woman
• There’s no shame in getting dominated physically & failing 2 resist her pushing & pulling
•There’s no shame in getting put 2 use in the home (Ur power is needed.)
• Be the knight in shining armour – she’s ur glorious queen
• Real men care 4 women more than themselves: RM open doors & have a sincere heart
• RM don’t care if their women ceases being passionate as they value platonic romance
• RM don’t demand sex when females refuse, & it need not lead 2 infidelity & divorce…

…She Deserves Better




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