G wiz/01 here to ask your view on something

[RE: The Big Bang]

…But 1st:

… Rock 
… Paper 
… Scissors 


@ what point do we have sex?…as in, how are we defining it… 

It cannot be the point of penetration because:

1) there’s some “silly willy” guys out there who go for an hour without the lady feeling a thing
(Technically, that’s masturbating!)

2) There are many “weak back” guys that ‘jazz’ moments after they enter? (1 minute man)

3) If it was just the point of entry, then would a “solitary thrust” count as intercourse

Maybe it is about pleasure and surrender? The penis has to enter and the girl has to feel it – even if far from “impressed” – and yet…

…females can have so much sexual tension already generated, they orgasm upon (the) entry, having fed off their own desire!
(Okay, hypothetical, but still, that’s like solo-eroticism)

Possibly it has to last longer than a set period, but if so, what time are we talking? 2 mins fast? 10 mins moderate? It seems absurd!

And So …

If the male can pleasure himself without her full participation

And the female can pleasure herself without his effort

Then when do we “enter” the other, as opposed, to “extend” the self…?

Or is there another option:

if not “entry”, and if not “time”, must sex be that juncture at which two minds are in unison, i.e. equally pleasured/engaged?

And yet, how do we measure that! Sound? Having them ask questions? Role play?…

U Tell Me ?


2A4B41FC – BC 5 (Mar 11)



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