Critical Breakdown

G wiz/01 here with a disclaimer and summary explaining, for the local and global, what this BB is about

1. I'm mixed race so irrespective of what I wHite, I can't be racist
2. Prepare to be offended
3. Nothing personal, take it collectively
4. At least 87% of our updates R4 entertainment purposes only
6. If our DP's upset U, plz ping & we'll invite U2 the "I-H8-GWiz" group
8. I'm a London Lad – we own u!
7. U Will NEVA C ME in any DP
8. If U Still Insist On Pics, We Have A Special Collection 4 U
9. I do not live on BBM, so if I'm late replying, I do not apologise
9. If "I", "WE" & "OUR" confuses U, then First Learn To Count



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