Lording Lewisham

Earlier today we decided to view Lewisham’s inner city ghetto area and have decided to offer up our reflections:

firstly, Lewisham is poor. I mean, these people were impoverished. I knew something was up when I tried to board the bus only to be confronted by six plain clothed ticket inspectors. All of them approached and asked me to pay the penalty fare before even trying to determine if I had a valid ticket. At first I was going to pay but when I saw more “inspectors” boarding at the next stop, I got even more weary. I asked the bus driver to kick them off the bus but he tried to rob me, so I decided I’d get off and walk.

on the streets a woman approached me and offered up “services” for “food stamps”. I asked her where her money was, but she said no one around there has any. I asked her why she didn’t just “advertise” in a phone box and wait for people to call, but she said that there wasn’t enough money to finance “pamphleteers.”

I asked why she wasn’t scared – I mean, imagine I was a police officer – but she explained that there weren’t any police in Lewisham (just a load of males masquerading as “officers” and trying to trick her into providing for services, rather than face the prospect of jail.) Feeling sympathetic, I gave her £3, but got feraked out when she said she wanted to date me.

Lewisham is poor but Deptford is just as bad. Everyone around there is trying some type of hustle from old people to babies. In the bank, old lady walked in and threatened to blow herself up if they didn’t give her pension pay, but sadly for her, she forgot the bomb. Would you believe it.

You can tell times are hard when you see the children hustling. Go down Deptford and the children don’t have toys; that is one thing you notice. Little babies in the pushchairs go around collecting pieces of scrap metal. They don’t want lollipops, they want metal pipes. They want coins – not notes.


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