Tricky Dicky

G Wiz…did you know what in Jamaica, if you “go down” on females, they refer to you as a “bow-cat”…and you will be despised for it. If you don’t believe me, go look for a song called “Dem Bow” (Shabba Ranks) which condemns this act. That being the case, we decided to explore:

Licky Nation has always had its supporters. Khia’s 2002 tracm “My Neck, My Back (Lick it)”, as featured on the Dark Angel sound track, glorified these skilled tongue-sters, whilst, on the matter,
Lil Kim, the Queen B, had this to say:

…I knew a dude named Jimmy who used to run up in me… lay me on my back bussing nuts all in me… it was something about this dude I couldn’t understand; something that could have made his ass a real man; something I wanted but never was pushy, the m—- f—- never ate my p—-.
Lil Kim (“Don’t Want Dick Tonight”)

In the song “Don’t Want Dick Tonight”, trailblazing feminist Lil Kim suggests that a “real man” goes down (gives “head”), and I have heard this notion repeated by many others as if were indisputable. Ideally, some pleasure-seeking females would gain from males indulging in kissing the genitals, especially those females who advance that it qualified them as real men. So, real men “go down”? Not according to Alfred Bilbo Gholson:

Twelve Commandments of a King Pimp and the Ingredients that make him a King: #5. He never lets a female be equal with him; Equal Rights (ER) are just a fantasy; it will come back to normal pretty soon. Refuse to have oral sex with your women unless it is your desire. Do not accept “if you do me, I’ll do you.” She was put on this earth to serve men. She may enjoy the thrill that comes with oral lovemaking but deep in the back of her mind she loses respect for you. The only animals you see licking their sex organs are cats and dogs. The female knows that during a month’s time, her vagina accepts so much filth that nature forces a cleaning-out period (menstrual cycle). (p 48)

The naivety of society so shocking; some of the myths that surround a pimp are outrageous… [such as] all pimps engage in oral lovemaking. That’s ridiculous. Society would be utterly surprised to know how many higher class pimps would never entertain the thought of putting his mouth where his or other penises penetrate. The one who advocate this lie is probably a big indulger and trying to rectify himself or believe that’s what makes a pimp tick. According to Dr A. L. Braxton, oral sex and any other types of sex is alright if both parties are consenting adults. At certain pimp meetings, which a layman would never have the opportunity to attend, this discussion often comes up and it is always a big joke. High classed pimps wouldn’t dare let his women become equal with him. He believes that any man that has oral love with his woman is her human douche bag…. The Sweet Science of Sin is your guideline on these subjects. (p 27) [cf “The Sweet Science of Sin.”]

Sex Poll Ladies: Do You Prefer Thickness of Length?

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