02 BC1

G wiz. 02 back here for my scheduled nigger hunt madness.

Basically, me and my colleague had a bit of a problem 2 week ago today. (He is now sorted). That problem being that we simply didn’t have enough monkeys to entertain anymore, my colleague has his own way of doing things and this is my way.

As you are aware from part one last week (part 1/3). I held a smoothie coffee shop chat called ‘coons’. Surprisingly 7 of you joined, more than I expected in all fairness. Strictly speaking though my aim was NOT for you guys to join, you were just merely extra wogs to help our new coons adapt to the new environment.

Ultimately we found 6 coons, (3 active, 3 wankers)

So in case you don’t see the meaning in this

1) Niggers smell, take up space, use up famous slots in our world, rape our woman, rape our men, rape our animals, rape our way of life, stink out the town, murder, steal, ‘drop the soap’ and anything else you coons do that doesn’t match our life.
2). Clearly whites are dominant. I could go into detail, but that is for future BC’s
3) We aim to prove these facts. And overall, entertain you zoo monkeys.

Thanks for listening and part 2/3 shall be held later.

When the nigger hunt is complete (after all parts are done). Future BC’s to our new nigger shall be discussed with my colleague.

– DO NOT: take offence to any of my BC’s DP’s or PM’s.

Take it collectively



“02” PIN:269BEFF4


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