Insulated Insults

Having arrived in BBland, and going on to establish the BBeMpire, we have found ourselves insulting wogs both directly and indirectly, implicitly and explicitly, politely and crudely, and yet, throughout all of this – sadly, and yet, much expected – the wogs have failed to register each and every mockery, jest and caricature. Here are our examples:

Eva Braun, the wife of Hitler, has been used as our profile image and yet, few people realised the significance of this fanciful drag

George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi party was used as our display picture for a week, and yet, there were no complaints

finally, we hosted this picture to check if any negroes realised who this man was, but yet again, there was no knowledge of him

to their ever lasting credit, a few negroes have managed to spot our “whistleblowing”,

“Shay” for instance. was quick witted enough to be embittered by this DP of Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz)

meanwhile, some other random dude who long deleted us was “American” enough to spot our general mockery, however

Minstrels were not exclusive to America – the Minstrel Show was hot property in Britain, so why no outrage?

references and further reading

* For the record, anyone interested in finding more blackened brothers, might want to check out
Master Juba, Bert Williams, George Walker


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