Latest Laughs

G wiz/01 here with the latest comedy selection:


A lady walks into a pub and orders 2 tequilas. She downs 1 and throws the other down her panty. The barman asks, “Wtf lady?” She replies, “I’ve just won the lotto and that’s the only cunt I’m sharing it with!


In Ancient England, people could not have Sex without kings permission, so to have a Baby they were supposed to get king’s consent. They were then given a Card to hang on their door while having sex, which read as -FØRÑICÅTIØÑ UÑDÉR the CØÑ$ÉÑT øf KIÑG (F.U.C.K).So the word “FUCK” came into existence!


A Chinese man took a prostitute to his home and they started having sex. Once he was done,he jumped out of the bed,ran to the window,took a deep breath then went under the bed & came out through the other side & started having sex with the girl again. When he finished the 2nd time,he jumped off the bed went to the window,took a deep breath,went under the bed and came out from the other side then started having sex again.. He did these until
the 8ths time. The girl was realy impressed by his stamina. After
the 10ths round she decided to try it for herself. So she jumped off the bed,went to the
window,took a deep breath,went under the bed & saw 10 more chinese men naked


Light travels faster than sounds. Hence, people will appear bright until u hear them speak….


If u on ma list & u are or do the following
*Bleach aka skin toning
*hate bcs but yet bc a lot
*u are gay
*u are a lesbian
*have a lower iq
*not business minded
*hate dancehall
*non-English speaking (need translators tho)
Pop up for an instant deletion cos I have no time 4 unnecessary contacts
NB: Take no offense


…So there u have it…an excuse to escape from reality with laughter and smiles

…If u have any jokes, send them onto us…it gives us 1 more thing to look forward to…

& if u want to be unticked, just say…but don’t say that then send a bag of silly BC’s



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