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Ladies, if u gotta ask a man where is dis relationship goib? Then d answer is nowhere even if he doesn’t say it bcuz men by nature are hunters & they go for what they want so if a man wanted u to be his wife, he would’ve proposed already if he wanted u to be his only lady, he would’ve asked. Men go hard for wat they truly want & if dat nigga is not goin hard for u den ur not wat he truly wants & ladies dnt be no side bitch for no nigga if he fuck u & he gotta gf thts means he got 2 fuckin gf either he introduce u or u introduce urself… #Girl Power
(Preddie Girl)

A woman approached a rasta man and said, “did you know that 98% of Jamaican men suck pussy?”
The rasta replied, “bwoy… Mi glad mi in a the 2% whe nuh in a dem ting deh enuh”
The woman then said, “did you know that the other 2% fuck batty?”
The ras then replied, “not a bomboclaatt !!! Squeeze mi back inna di 98% deh!!!

“As silence seeps into every corner & clouds gather to fill the sky. When the day asks for more than they have u can be with them”

This man fr the u.s has a pet snake, every nite his pet snake would crawl into his bed an ly long side him straight and as stiff as a board, the man wakes up c his snake stiff lying beside him he quickly called the vet an say my snake is sick and tell her wat has been happening, the VET replies u need to get that snake down here right away the snake is sizing u up to c if u can fit in his body….. SHOCKING DOE.
FLAMEZZ: I Hate snakes…

“sometimes an expression dies before its time; before its ready: before it could blossom and shine. Sometimes it snows in April

IQ test: sharon said ‘if yesterday was tomorrow, today will be friday’ when did sharon speak
(Saint P)

A single act of defiance is worth more than a thousand angry words
(Unknown/D. Noble


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