Sⓗӓƴ Obituary

Dear Fans of Phuckry… @fter Less Than 3 months… S̤̈̊ⓗӓƴ (*JM*) has “passed over”…”parted company”…”left home” & “deleted we.”

Its *…* 4 serious “Medz”

And an obituary:

With s̤̈̊ⓗӓƴ (*JM*) Gone, Our World Is Falling Apart

And yet, her passing has allowed us to realise our Denouement:

…We became this way through exposure to the world that lay beyond the horizon of our own selves..

… for death is not the most painful loss in life. The most painful loss is what dies inside us while we’re still alive.

In her time, s̤̈̊ⓗӓƴ taught us the art of talking coon, for instance, London says “you must be mad”, but s̤̈̊ⓗӓƴmaicans say “yuh mussi mad” – oh s̤̈̊ⓗӓƴ, u light skinned qu-oon (*JM*) u s̤̈̊ⓗӓyed us another world. And for that, we Thank U

In her passion, s̤̈̊ⓗӓƴ was committed to reforming us, but her project was a failure

…Guess Old Habits Die Hard

Nevertheless, we still advised:

“…drop in some day at your convenience …to discuss this difficult individual” …ⓢⓠⓤⓘⓖⓖⓔⓡ 

 ₯ 

Moving on, we need a new HCIC (Head Coon In Charge)


–LiL Miss Dimplez@>– Live/Love/Loyalty/ DieO:)@>–

3) Left-pointing black triangle•̸Ϟ☆★ ƒ₳₠ Ͼά̲υ†ioи♬ƒƛмɪ̇L̶̲̥̅Y☆★Ϟ

4) NIGGER ρнαηтαѕтι¢ M.D.

5) •.¸¸.•Sexy2DrƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡tz•.¸¸.• &

6) «ː̗̀Black sun with rays̤̣̈̇ː̖́»¹™{ǨÊƲǾÑ}™¹«ː̗̀Black sun with rays̤̣̈̇ː̖́»


(Half) Cast Your Vote & Let The Games Begin

/¯ /
/ /
/´¯/’ ‘/´¯¯`•¸
/’/ / / /¨¯\
(‘( ( ( ( ¯~/’ ‘)
\ ‘ /
\ _.•´
\ (
\ \

Yours Gracefully :
[ClownChronicles] (in assc with
Licky Nation *dine*₯)

We still be talking…


…& if anyone if offended by anything broadcast

…Nothing Personal
…Take It collectively



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