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“Every Culture Has There Own Saviour. And Every Cultures Saviour LOOKS Like The Culture He/she came from; Krishna is mongol/Indian, Mohammed is Arabian/Arab, Jesus is Jewish/Caucasian…. So Tell Me Why Africans Worship A WHITE Jesus? Do You have any idea What That Image Does To Our Subconscious, especially to our children? Take A Look At Black People In The Diaspora And See How We Are.. Bleach skin, straighten hair, uneducated culturally…… Is this the reason why they say Black People Praise The Most And Accomplish the least? There Is A Verse In The BIBLE Thats Talks About Worshipping False Images…. I Suggest We Look 4 It again! Put Down the slave masters Image, Our Own Story Is Much Greater ;)”
Shay (2A4C4D59)

Maybe one day somebody will help him he is so lost its such a pity his soul has disappeared and has become toxic with anger and hate
Shay (2A4C4D59)

When somebody has a huge, huge complex with gender and race its worrying
Shay (2A4C4D59)

This guy has a real race complex y r people one extreme or the other whatever happened to balance
Shay (2A4C4D59)

Do you think mad people know that they are mad? I’ve been around enough to think that secretly they know but refuse to accept it. Denial is dangerous
Shay (2A4C4D59)

ОMălon℮1: Shay says: Participants:
ОMălon℮1, ♡̨̐S̤̥̈̊ⓗӓƴ *JM*@>–:)

Stupid mix breed
Ur parents r probably racist that’s y
Just bcoz u have family issues and issues with black people
Glad ur not fully black
With your bad blood
If all ‘mixed’ people r like u they should be abandoned
Fuck u
By the way ur status starts by saying that u love me
** Jan 9 Wed 23:29 **


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