Quit Coonin

In our younger days, if something sweet dropped, we would quickly grab it and blow it, and that way, we didn’t have to worry about it being dirty – we had rescued it. Sadly, this logic seems to have been lost in our later years…the moment a male unzips his trousers, and his erect penis comes out, rather than quickly blowing it to clean it, the females come to think of fellatio as dirty…how odd

funny, we often catch a view of females with cigarettes trying to look cool
not that long ago, doctors used to advertise and recommend cigarettes
that said they were “good” for you
way we see it, “if she smokes, she blows”
yes indeed…it really does relieve stress
that said, smoking does come with benefits,
its a great way to make friends…sexual ones…I said smoking but didn’t name the substance…you want to find out what females resort to when they got the itch but not enough money to finance it.. you witness true creativity
moving away from that, seriously speaking,
whats the story with addictions…way we see it, if you want to smoke crack, and even get hooked on it, go ahead
if you want to kill yourself, same principle
since we are all bums, might as well have one less burden on the taxpayers aye

other great thing about smoking is you learn the art of stealing
lighters are the only item close to pens when it comes to the top 10 list of items worth stealing
I remember someone once uttered the expression “lending a cigarette”; second you “borrow” them that, it wont be back
that’s the thing about “borrowing”; its like legitimate theft
you want to steal something, just get their permission
its like we need to get our lighters microchipped these days
people have the audacity to “rob” you then deny it seconds after
likewise, its a little like sexual acts, which is where we started
when we were smaller, with the taboo against cunnilingus, we were weary of sharing our cigarettes with rug munchers
they might burn the carpet, but people,
we didnt want to catch germs from the tip? very logical, we know
we bite our nails, pick and flick bogies, scratch hair, rub faces, pick stuff up off the ground, touch surfaces other people grab, etc, etc, and yet, we are just so concerned with “hygiene”…or maybe its “taboo”


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