let’s be honest; there are already too many awful stereotypes about African peoples and their aggressive accents, and yet, the language itself doesn’t help
other day, I asked a Ghanian lady how to spell one of their traditional cassava dishes, to which she responded: F-U, twice.
this talk about pan-africanism might not be all that illogical
other day, we listened to a “Crunk” track (Lil Jon ft Ice Cube), and it sounded like he was shouting,
we were rather confused… other day, racism was explained as “hostility towards, or discrimination against people of another racial group”…in that case, listening to Ice Cube yelling at “niggers”, and threatening to hurt them…well… its not that much of a stretch of the imagination to say that Ice Cube was racially abusing people…*sigh*

Ghana itself has curious roots? Used to be called the Gold Coast? Not sure why that was. The people all look pretty burnt to me.
on that matter, we’re reminded of a darkie friend we used to have in primary – he was from Sudan, and his name was “Atem”,
not that sound with science, but maybe we got his name wrong; perhaps his parents were scientists attempting name him “Atom”
his skin was so dark, i’m sure it couldn’t be divided by any other colour, tainted by any shade, or diluted by any other complexion
that skin was solid; it was indivisible; it was the core
they should have taken some of his “melanin pigment”
we can assure you that if they made that a secret ingredient in sunscreen, that product would be in very high demand

enough of this talk; we did want to talk about Africa, and correct some of the misconceptions, for instance,
africans are not that privileged – those chocolate water foundations are actually polluted waters
…when you see them running to the water fountain; its not because they are playfully enthusiastic. In africa the general rule is brutally simple: last one to the water fountain dies
funny africans… strange how they are so backwards, I mean, the word. You turn the word africa around and at a level of phonetics, you get the phrase “a surfer”, and yet, we’re not sure what leisure waters they have in africa, but hey
…that should clear up some of the confusion
and yet, the people who really need to be educated are the science students
other day we were looking over an exam paper, which asked the question “what is typically found in cells”… unfortunately for this young man, “blacks” was not the correct answer

saying that, the explorers were really confused,
the idea that africa is full of bush and jungles is a myth , long fabricated and promulgated by cartographers
…look, if you don’t know something, then just say, but don’t just fly over, look upon those funky afro’s and assume that all they have down there is bush…
mind you, the fumes they would have inhaled up there from their planes would surely have given them the wrong impression,


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