Nanking Hiroshima

Everytime we explain to people that we are comedians, on the spot they ask us to drop some jokes
funny thing is, have you ever gone up to a porn star and asked them demonstrate some sex acts?
at the more mundane level, anyone of you ever ask athletic sprinters for a race?
that’s the sad thing about this line of expression; the jokers expect you to provide the laughs
that’s the thing; people always testing you, and trying to have you prove yourself, that’s why, nowadays, when people start trouble, we just throw in the towel, and tell them we can’t fight; matter of fact, just to avoid trouble, nowadays, we walk through foreign lands with bibles
we thought that since vicars are virtually immune if they’re seen with their collars, if we walk through predominantly negro areas with the Scriptures, we would also be free from persecution – it was a good idea, until we realised that these were cultural nationalist types ready to lead on all people reminiscent of missionary invaders… miraculously, we were transformed from imperial to imperialists

honestly, we’re fed up with all this competition…that explains our choice of partner…she is far from attractive
we don’t even have mirrors in our house because if she saw herself, she would think we were up to something
no really, we had to tell her that we work from 9 to 9 just so we would never have to been seen with her in public
but our point is, on the weekends, when we are compelled to take her off her leash, no one even wants her; no stress after no desire
people laugh at us, but lets be honest for a second, after 40, its downhill for her, and after 50, its an avalanche
rather than saying we have “bad taste”, perhaps you should start seeing us as “precocious” – yes indeed, we are but visionaries
it works for us and that’s the point because there are so many relating problems about nowadays, such as a married dude he went and had an “affair” with a prostitute. Now lets think about that for a moment.
if he’s paying for an “escort” outcall, he’s paying for the night, but in order to have an affair, how many nights has he rented her body
after hearing that, we were super confused – dishing out that much money, the guy surely had lots of cash, and so we thought to ourselves, if his wife is not even interested in his money, what chance have we got trying to pick up ladies?
but the funny thing is, we said to ourselves, the amount he was splashing out on her, and considering he ceased having sex with his wife, it would have been better if they said that he was having an affair on the “hooker”

guess sex is a crazily complex; even the other day, dude was convicted of having a 13 year old perform a sexual act; in his defence he said the girl was “predatory”…now lets think about that? it seems like a blind person, walking into you, and having you turn around and hit them, before defending yourself by saying, “the person has a known history of hostility…” excuse me; of course i’m hostile! i’m blind!
got to be bitter… Stevie Wonder, apparently said he didn’t want his eyesight back as he didn’t want to see this cruel world
he also said he didn’t know what colour his wife was?
got us thinking? if you don’t know what colour she was, how do you know where you are Stevie; perhaps we deported you to another place; you can’t always discern a lot from merely listening to accents?
lets be honest; even if your blind, there are quite a few indicators of the complexion of the person your with, such as the family members that whisper in your air “hey brother, you know that girl of yours.. she’s kinda white.”
bless him, at least you know that Stevie wont ever get caught “perving” on another woman, and hey, using his logic
if he ever gets caught being unfaithful, he has the best excuse “baby, I thought it was you.”

its tough when people make up lies and you know they’re lying; likewise, its tough when people are in such desperate positions in the first place
that’s how it is with lots of girls having this casual sex; they wake up in the morning, and in their regret, claim they were raped
for those who were forced, we can understand, but lets be honest; there are some real meagre guys out there, and so, if he had intercourse with you whilst he was sleeping, surely you should have woken up and put an end to the disaster
no, we’re not actually using this chance to blame you ladies; we’re using this chance to ask some questions about the guy
I mean, I’ve heard of ladies asking “is it in yet”, but to go through an entire round, without her even flinching, you got to ask real questions about the piece of meat dangling between your legs
but honestly, performing on a dead girl; makes you wonder, if he goes down on her is that also rape?
in line with that, the other guys we have to worry about are those who sleep with dead bodies?
Its been said that if we remain chaste on earth, when we get to heaven, we will have many virgins – sadly, necrophilia completely warps that thinking. (matter of fact, that thinking is warped; that’s like saying stealing is great in one country, but awful in another. What is this religious thinking… encouraging us to be promiscuous once we get to heaven? whats the point of that? too much competition on earth… and on that matter, what is this, the heaven-company prostitution ring? already heard this idea of Jesus, with all his saving being a banker, and God, with these infinite commands, being a military leader, as well as Yahweh, with these amazing directives being a real estate broker, but this pimping business is a stretch too far…)
I guess this is the thinking behind those who sleep with the sleep…. she;s only gone to the after life, which brings us to our final question on this subject, and the like… lets be honest, all this talk, it
makes you wonder? if you sleep with a dead girl, do you get life???


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