Speaking From The Floor

A lot of negroes call me a racist, and yet, since they cannot define the term, I dont know how to respond to them?
Maybe we should drop our head in our palms, then run into a corner and cry? Or maybe we should report them to the Nation Association Against Coon Players? anywho, paying tribute to the wog army, we would like to share with our mainstream audience what the darkies really get up when we are not about> Introducing, “Black August” aka “Mosiah Month”:

Aug 1979 Concentration Camps of California
Aug 7 1970 Jonathan Jackson killed outside the Mann County Court rebellion
Aug 21 1971 George Jackson Assassinated
Aug 1 1971 978 Khatari Gaulden assassinated
Aug 2 2011 Mark Duggan
Aug 6 1962 Jamaica
Aug 1619 Arrival of enslaved Afrikans in Jamestown, Virginia
Aug 1791 Start of Haitian Revolut
Aug 22 1843 Henry Highland Garnett, call for a general strike
Aug 2 1850 Initiation of the major etwork that conducted the Undergorund railroad
Aug 21 1831 Nat “The Prophet” Turner
Aug 3 1908 The Allensworth township for former slaves in California, established
Aug 28 1963 Farce on Washington
Aug 1965 Watts Rebellion, 11-17
Aug 18 1971 Provisional Government of the Republic of New African is assiled by the Mississippi FBI
Aug 8 1978 attack of MOVE by Phil Police
Aug 27 1963 Dubois Dies
Aug 4 2007 Khatari Gant murdered
Aug 28 1955 Emmit Till
Aug 22 1989 Huey Newton
August 1958 Kelso Cochrane
Agu 12 1949 Mark Essex
Aug 8 1950 Mutulu Shakur/Jeral Wayne Williams, 8/8/50
Aug 17 1987 Marcus “Mosiah” Garvey 17/08/87 to June 10 1940
Aug 1943 Maroon Russell Shoatz
Aug 30 1948 to Dec 4 1969 Fred Hamptom

Flea Days: 1,7,13,21, fast 24 (8am-6pm) AnceSTARS
Arm Band. Write, Visit, Donate, Fundraise

2/12/15 to 24/12/64 Claudio Jones, Jan 59′ St Pancreas Town Hall (1973 Leslie Palmer)
Bobby Hunt R.J. Junt, April 21 1950-April 6 1968
Geronimo Elmer Gerard Pratt Sep 13 1947 to June 2 2011
Bobby Seale Oct 22 1936 to Robert George Seale
Huey Newton Feb 17 1942 to Aug 22 1989
Mark J.R. Essex Aug 12 1949 to Jan 7 1973


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