Barbershop Analysis

We kicked off the month in style
Yesterday, we attended a football trial, which was 2 weeks in the waiting, and on top of that, today, we attended a training game for a team, and played in yet another game for yet another side. Afterwards, we headed back on ourselves and went to perv on some London samba before running off to get a fresh shave, so that we might have a new look to accompany a fresh day – the failed ebay bids were simply washed away.
Our journey however, begins with an analysis of barbers.
Usually, we remain local as in the past, we have been traumatised by licensed frauds who attempt to confine you to a life indoors following some of their shaver disasters. growing up, the lesson we learnt was that barbers should never touch your hair line lest you be left with a “draw back.”
the worst thing about barbers doing the “baseline” is that even after they have messed it up, they have the audacity to stand there pretending they are doing something constructive by “correcting” their mistake. How does that work? The best way to do that is to avoid making the mistake, rather than standing there and chopping away at the front of my hair like this is some desperately hero attempting to save his damsel from imminent danger up high there somewhere
worst thing about barbers, however, is the pricing
we need to just franchise a single barber and standardise the prices because some of you are engaged in fraud.
sometimes the barshop gets a little bit like the deli bar when it comes to pricing and the like
first he asked if I wanted a “shape up” and I knew something was wrong by the expression on his face, like
“manm a shape up is £3 but if your asking me to take somethings off and to modify them, you are asking way too much”
then the barber asked me if I wanted the sides down, and the front shaped? I was terrified, I mean, its as if they feel obliged to charge you with every swipe and every line. I mean it, either that or they think we are paying by the minute
I was just sitting there in his chair counting everything up,
soon it will be like nike town where they ask you to customise a hair cut
I don’t want a wonder boot, I just want new shoes
I am not trying to get the popstar look for an audition. I just want to look nice for the first day of school
but the pricing is the worst


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