Chimp Out

Yes, indeed, all you people came to see me entertain you are going to be in for a surprise
you got conned, like totally, ripped off! you should have long ago got your money back
I’m not even an entertainer, I just heard that if you get up on the mic, you dont pay the entrance
I’m on a budget, credit crunch, recession, hard times, you name it
lets be honest thought, some people are perpetually skint
its embarassing, I mean, when your smaller, your parents tell you not to come long handed -thats fine
but nowadays, people come to parties with containers just so they can stock up for the week
whoever heard of parties where the guests take back gifts
soon, people are going to be charging you attend their parties
that said, getting people to parties is already a hassle
its a shame people cant be honest – girls know all about that
I thought I got 20 numbers at carnival…until I got home and tried to call them
honestly, cant you just say NO…we dont put guns to your heads and ask for digits
just say your not my type and walk away – anyway, thats a story for another day…parties
you ever notice that in a like manner, people will always say “i’ll be there” but then be no-shows on the day
parties are the time for the most rubbish being uttered by peoples.
trying to invite them, you will hear every lie there is
I can’t come to your party
my eyes fell out
my hair caught fire
i’m burying my dog in brasil
i’ve been arrested

its one thing to lie but when people start to build an elaborate world on top of the lie, it is insulting


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