Ass Matrix (re-up)

G Wiz. I presume you all appreciated July 4th…we were rather busy at the radio station, and out and about after that. More importantly, we are quite “bog”ged down with exams at the moment, however, we’ve still managed to find this little piece to entertain you: wogs debating what makes for a top bottom>.


This one is called AppleBottom…..

The TOP of the ass has to be round, as well as the BOTTOM of the ass to be considered an Apple Bottom. Look at the logo people

The ass JUMPS right off the lower-back and is immediately ROUND, as opposed to a TEARDROP or just Ass Smile, which both pick up ass later. This is a MAJOR difference that needs to be pointed out! These asses do NOT SAG! The top of the ass is what makes the difference because you can CLEARLY see where the ass stops and starts, in ALL directions. The ass is not one flat piece of meat with the lower-back and thighs! If you do NOT have this, you do NOT have an APPLE BOTTOM. Move on to some of the other definitions and compare yourself!

An APPLE BOTTOM is not what you fat chicks are running around with! You have long or wide asses that you throw in some draw’s and call it ass. This is what you’re calling an Apple Bottom and clearly it’s not! KNOCK IT OFF!:laugh:


Ass Smile

“Observe how there is NO roundness to the top or bottom of the ass. Doesn’t meet requirements for Apple Bottom, TearDrop or Ass Smile. It’s just there and flat and soggy with a grimace! It too has become a flabby-flat surface with the thighs and back! Yuck!”
*definitely a man who did this:laugh:*

“Again, flat assed chicks are subject to this tool The little bit of fat that they do have back there goes to the dangling pieces of meet that adorn their ass crack. It’s like gel in your Nike sneaker sole and it spreads out like putty in jeans. When they walk, that’s what you see jiggle like you’re dangling meat. EWWWW”




That’s it for now 😀


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