Bitter Earth


we have been away for some time. we would like to be glamorous and pretend we were in prison but realty – oops, “dem tymez” – we we’re in a psychiatric unit. Not so sure if we need to tell you that, perhaps saying we were in “custody” or “detained” sounds more “hip.” In honesty, both of them have “officers”, just of a different type, and if we did want to extend the “analogy”, prisons do have psychiatric units.
funny thing about prison is that the people inside them are all “innocent” and yet “guilty” – that explains the units
honestly, people have the wrong idea about prison – not everyone in there is the criminal. In fact, there are many victims inside
Met one lad who came out of prison. Asked him what he did and he told me he stole a phone. I didn’t understand myself; maybe he broke into an apple centre and stole a premier device, I dunno? Other lad told me they put him in because he skipped school….how about that?
also, I heard people are getting edumahkayshuns in prison. other day an ex-convict beat me to the job because he was more qualified!
although, it was a tax position, and he had been in for fraud
come to think of it, having looked online, I couldn’t quite gather enough evidence to suggest the company was authentic BUT ANYWHO
so yes, I was in a psychiatric unit and met a host of fascinating and entertaining characters… and that was just during my initial assessment
kept attempting to tell them I was depressed and she said I suicidal
I then told her I was feeling distressed and she claimed I was suicidal
I then told her I was suicidal and she sectioned me so yes, I think my assessor was hearing voices
inside, I met a disciple but not one of Immanuel
we didn’t quite figure out whom he was a disciple too as he just kept going with his fable
– it was like the never ending story so maybe we’ll refer to him as Bastian

sadly, we were afflicted with wicked thoughts as it seems there are also some remarkably attractive females in these units
firstly, its the one time you can meet women without being quizzed on your financial credentials or career position
sadly, its also one of the few times you might feel guilty about pursuing a female
like surely, attempting to court a mentally distressed female is the equivalent of statutory rape – like really
only thing about that is that inside, we are all children and I mean infants
they house you, clothe you, feed you and sometimes even pay you.
its one of the few places where landlords want you to stay – even against your will
but there downside of psychiatric units is the STAFF, the professionals, their legal, medical power
they often haven’t got a clue so have to invent an illness to impose upon you
“unspecified personality disorder”, huh, everyone has a personality disorder
“depression”? why don’t you just say “unhappy” or better yet, “sad,”
Hearings voices” yes, they’re called “thoughts” also known as “ideas”
as for paranoids, why not just say “worried” or at best, “suspicious”, its a bit much
but again, psychiatry just demonstrates another opportunity to prevaricate or outright LIE
I want to be a psychiatrist, i’ll make up exotic titles for people I rob and steal from
i’ll claim they didn’t have the capacity and so I am safeguarding their property, as a just adult, and custodian
next time I get refused a job, i’ll claim the interviewer was suffering from “myopia”

Illness is a funny concept I mean, they used to pathologise “same sexers” which brings us to a point
imagine if the traditional, “straight” sexual arrangement was made into a sickness
“urgh, look at that man and woman, kissing, hugging, snogging…that’s disgusting, lynch them”
imagine it, male-male and female-female pretenders in hot pursuit of suspected law-breakers and sex-criminals
I still wonder which sex would be affected worse….and sadly, we’ve concluded it would be females
not too sure if I’ve encountered males with sex toys but yet to meet a female without her stock – and stockings
its funny because nowadays a male will get digital but still, females remain electrical
males will just go online and look up a movie so they can spectate on an experience
females will hook up but not online – they’ll hook up a device to a plug socket –
and that’s why, notwithstanding tongue playing, and fist pain, females would miss out
truth is, however, we don’t think there is such thing as a lesbian? we question females sexuality at any rate
like really, I always wanted to be the fly on the wall in a female dormitory – for real
“I just broke up with that worthless male.blah blah blah…and the sex was weak”
“I know, those men, they only want one thing and even then, they don’t even do it good”
“I know, it was all about him, he never took time to explore my body or how I felt”
at this point, the main seduction line is dropped and the event unfolds
“I know, men are so immature, they don’t know how to appreciate the tenderness of the female body…i’m not lesbian BUT!!!!…
and that becomes just one more university secret to never leave the bedroom never mind the campus

no really, females, you need a new hustle because this non-sexual, frigid, Victorian lady masquerade no longer works
in fact, males didn’t even buy the “I was drunk, he was there” line anymore
former friend of mine attempted that last time I saw her. She somehow managed to get dropped off at this dudes house after a party, fell asleep, blacked out and woke up in his bed…without knowing how she got there or what had happened
you know when someone tells a lie so ridiculous, not even audacious, you don’t even feel insulted – you just ignore them
I mean, if that was chloroform, that is some cutting-edge stuff. what did he use, knock out gas and the men in black pen? PULLEEEZ
like seriously, we’ve concluded that if someone wants to partake in a sexual act, they are primarily, willing, even if not always winning
but more of that when we come back…


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