Bitter Sweet

People these days are lying
everybody here has surely been on social media! you seen how many events, products and services are being “promoted” these days
not even “advertised”, just promoted. the joke is, those people who claim they have a “business” and yet, they’re promoting it.
I mean, I though you’re supposed to “market” things and “advertise” them. Its the difference between a threat and a warning
a warning implies a consequence just as an advert implies a sale, but promoting is for events
it just goes to show we have a lot of confused people today, and worse, some of them believe their lies
anyone notice how there are more business owners than actual businesses
no matter what theyre doing, these status seeking people claim they own their own business – and immediately they feel obliged to charge you
other day I was playing noughts and crosses and lost,
dude slid his hat over to me and requested I pay him for the privilege of training with him
that’s like having a 5 a-side kick about and then players demanding wages
i’m troubled because today, people claim they own businesses but do so without a firm or a company
please, can we distinguish between a service, and a business! an enterprise and a firm, a project and a company!
there are so many “bosses” out there, I’m wondering if they all share a single employee
saddest thing is these people who, myself included, spend most of their day listening to business seminars
let me tell you something, a positive thought is one thing, a positive balance is quite another
they are confusing “personal development” with “personal wealth”

the worst are those irritating life coaches and motivational speakers
let me lay this down to you…if there was a catastrophic disaster, few people would go looking for you
maestro put me on to this one because chaos strikes, no one will be saying “where are the politicians, we need them to survive
you will not hear “where are the musicians, without their music, what will we do
or “save the comedians; if I don’t have entertainment in the bunker, I’ll kill myself
last thing you’ll hear is “quick, somebody get the ministers, they’re outside, they’re going to perish”
no, you need some skills, you need some specialists, you need some expertise – maybe even a few of the corporates will perish?
I don’t know but feel assured that the motivational speakers, or poverty pimps, will not be missed
I mean, they’re not brokers? they’re like radio stations you turn up to listen to
they’re not personal assistants, but a bit like parasites who massage you “ego” in the morning
let me say this for all people running that hustle
if i’m running a marathon in a scorching sun, before I hear “keep going”, I’ll be looking for the one saying “here’s water”
that’s why i’m cool with the dude who calls himself the “hope dealer”, just say it plain, I hustle through words, I sell you dreams
I may not even believe in them dreams but i’ll push it just so long as you buy it
lets just be real in our pursuits of money; you think if I had i’ll be here tolerating you

we need to stop these lies and my favourite is, “I’m a student”, you must have heard this one
“what do you do”,
“I’m a student”
if we probed, we might realise that a person is a student about 12 hours a week, perhaps less, so what do you do with the other hours because we’re quite sure you’re sitting down, burning the midnight oil, enduring an epic stay in the library
saying your a student is just about as legitimate as saying your a party animal
if honest, the response would go something like “I didn’t know what to do with my life after I left school and so I followed my peers into universities, also enticed by the prospects of indulging in the rampant sexual “expeditions” and participating in the reckless party scene, alongside the idea of becoming accomplished via getting the recognition that comes with a qualification and certification. In short, I wanted a degree to get employed and look important. I am not even stable now but aim to throw you off the scent by appearing as if I have everything planned out when in truth, I don’t even know what i’ll be doing tomorrow”
you want an even shorter version of that “I’m skint and went to university hoping that on the other side, I’ll be able to make money.”
that whole question of “what do you do”, that in itself is troubling for what does it mean?
Its like the hobbies session on a CV, what do you mean, leisure? Its exactly that because I don’t inventory that
I eat food but don’t ask me to reproduce a list detailing exactly what food I eat, or asking about the ingredients
females are the worst here, mostly because what they’re asking is about financial accomplishment and stability
where do you work indicates your status and prestige as well as suggesting your skills and specialties
but where you work also asks, what you do, hinting at how much you get paid and what associations you keep
but that’s not even an accurate or effective question
you might as well ask him “car, house, job, children” or failing that, “how much do you take home after bills and tax?”
that’s the sad things about female rape, you feel she is entitled to it – a rape of your mind resources and invasion of your privacy
can a woman rape a man…you damn right….problem is, it usually takes at least 9 months until you notice it


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