Courting Convo

‘What’s your name?’
‘Mine’s Sybil. What d’you do?’
‘I walk, I drink, I dance, I ogle girls. I have fun’.
‘How do you support yourself?’
‘Very well, thank you.’
‘I mean, on what?’
‘On my two feet, thank you.’
‘How do you pay your rent?’
‘That takes care of itself, thank you.’
‘Where d’you get ur money?’
‘From the bank, thank you.’
‘Are you independently wealthy?’
‘As opposed to dependently poor?’
‘Really, are you independently wealthy?’

little lick

‘Wait a minute! What’s this? When did you earn the right to ask
these questions? Look! 1 hardly know you. We’ve just met!’
‘Forget 1 asked.’
‘1 will, thank you.’
‘Where did you go to school?’
‘Here, there and everywhere.’
‘Why are you so damn secretive? What do you have to hide?’
‘Why all these personal questions? Weren’t you ever taught the art of conversation? This is a party, for heaven’s sake, not an interrogation center.’
‘I like you. I’d like to get to know you. You don’t see me taking an interest in others here, do you?’
‘Gee thanks! Thanks a million! 1 suppose I’m supposed to feel flattered.’
‘You make it sound like there’s something wrong for a woman to take an interest in a man.’

‘No! There’s nothing wrong in that. But I wish you didn’t take that kind of interest in me. It is like all you want is my financial report, my social pedigree! You might be better off, actually, talking to my accountant, or to my trust fund manager. Look, I came here to dance, to have a good time, to maybe get laid. I certainly didn’t come here to have my wallet sized up. You haven’t asked me what I Wee to do right here and now. There’s good music going, good food on the table, good wine flowing. But you haven’t asked me if I’m a good dancer, or a good fuck. You haven’t suggested anything one might do at a party to have fun. All you seem to be interested in is whether I’d make a good catch or something like that.’
‘Boy oh boy! All you men have a one track mind! All men ever want is to fuck, fuck, fuck! Screw every skirt you can lift up, and then scram! Wham, bam, thank you maam! That’s if you wait long enough to say that!’

‘Hey! Men have a one track mind? And women don’t? All you women ever seem to want is a catch. If you’ve got one already, you’re looking for a better catch. If you don’t have one, you’re hunting for one. If men have a one track mind, so do women: it is just that their minds are on different tracks. Anyway, I won’t allow you even a peek into my wallet. So there!’
‘Why are you so selfish?’
‘Selfish? Any more selfish than you? Tell me: if some stranger came up to you and, first thing, said: “Hi! Are you a good fuck?”, how would you feel?’ ‘I’d say he was being rude. Extremely fresh. I’d say that was none of his business.’
‘Exactly. I’m saying to you that you are being extremely rude. My finances are none of your business. You haven’t earned the right to poke your nose into my wallet or cheque book.’
‘Excuse me! I was only trying to be friendly.’
‘ Really? With friendliness like that, who would not cuddle a shark?’

Glamour – the artificial beautification of the body for erotic provocativeness – is serious business.”


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