etienne verhaegen

The “bush woman” is virtually naked while the white woman, though offering her body to the intrusiveness of the camera in the most Intimate of setting: the bath, is treated like a Goddess; her modesty intact/covered up. The correlation being the black is more like the wild than a human and therefore it’s justified to observe him in his native state,

Both the bushmen woman and the white woman are wearing the attire they normally wear. Every consider the fact that it would be far more offensive to make them do so otherwise? The white woman, Marlice van Vuurren, was not actually adopted by the bushmen but instead grew up very closely with them as her father owned a farm nearby. She was first introduced to them as a baby, and she spent her childhood and adolescent days with them. She speaks the language fluently and has more of an understanding of their culture than most people (including those who study them) ever will have. However, she wears the clothes that she was taught to wear by her father and has always worn, just as the bushmen woman wears what she was taught to wear by her parents and has always worn. And you know what? Neither woman appears to have any problem whatsoever with the way the other is dressed.
Nobody is being treated like a goddess here. Instead, you are falsely perceiving it to be that way. What if Marlice was a black woman? The majority of black people in Namibia (where this is from) do wear western-style clothing. Would you have such a problem with it then?
Not everything is how you assume it to be.

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