oh dear

yikes, we are introducing a new segment to this site, every weekend, we aim to summarise our week

but first, be warned, this post will not entertain you. It is more of a notepad, a thinking space, a pilot project:

-friend called today and informed us that she had a dream in which we made a cameo – intimately embracing her!
-yesterday we accidentally assaulted a female with our gym bags whilst attempting to spare her from my shopping bags
-we observed an old lady explicitly blank (ignore) a girl waving at her on the bus
-cousin spoke to us about the fate of his car which he spent £480 on and go 2 months out of
-we went to Parliament this week. Got screened by an army of officers yet the funny this is the one Bakala officer was stood, in the cold, outside
-a female moved into our shared house on last Wednesday of February – I lived with her for four months in 2010

-next week we are planning to go to a “swishing” event in North, NORTH London
-we signed on to our outlook account and realised a handful of people are following this blog
-we have been listening to blogtalk radio broadcasts and capturing the audio for future upload elsewhere
-we spent time printing off forms at the office only to learn someone else has already printed them for us
-we have spent most of the week in North London checking sports pitches and accessing subsidised, student massage clinics
-at one massage clinic, despite arriving at the station (10 mins away), we managed to wander about for 50 minutes, trying to find the place
-we managed to delete our original youtube account in our attempt to escape google surveillance
-we realise a chum doing quite a few spoken word events and realised we need to return to our stand up’s

Hills Have Eyes

-we are awaiting a meeting tomorrow where we will decide whether or not to return to radio – we will
-we completed Chinweizu “anatomy of female power” and may later still, complete Esther Vilar
-we finally caught up with a gym buddy who seemed to be trippin on a couple “squarepants”
-we got our first follower on our topical blog
-after months of “terror”, we returned to studying “arithmetic”
-got highly temperamental at football and had an outburst
-bumped into a solicitor who was, at face value, of little import, in terms of taking instructions
-uploaded a couple more toys to ebay, seeing if we can make a profit
-got “bullied” by a lad whilst in Islington, who referred to a bakala lad’s hair as “broccoli”

-had quite a bit of interest in the stuff we’re selling online and yet, no one turning up to close the deal
-spending a bit of time looking up butt variations over the internet
-met a new friend at the gym by the name of “Timmi” and thought i’d refrain from enquiring about the origins of her name
-rewatched the South Park Movie and enjoyed the failure of “Operation Human Shield”
-listened to a couple people complaining about working their whole lives and wondering where the day went

Eminem “Rap God” = R.A. The Rugged Man “Super”


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