Massage London

It has been difficult
last Friday, we had our phone stolen – probably by some niggers! Sad thing is, it happened when we were playing football
Looks like a jungle bunny is never off their game, even whilst they’re supposedly playing the game!
both phones, in total, add the mp3, cost £90, so, compared to the modern £200-£400 range, we got robbed for 25%
funny when you tell people, their first question is: “did they take it off you by force”
this seems to excite people – this idea of you getting your ass whopped and beat down, into a foetal position
Either that or they have some confessing to do and require your prompting
Its like these LGBT posters I see around
very persuasive – the Kings of Europe were known to engage in sodomny – many the Egyptian lovers will jump on this! Kings used to be same-sexers so we should return to our glorious past
even seen something suggesting Minister Malcolm was a same-sexer,
he used to offer a man services? sprinkling some Talcum powder on his back (oh dear)
that one seems a little bit adulterated
its funny when we miss out the details, I mean, a lady of mine once claimed to just found her self, one morning,, in a man’s bed…didn’t even remember the night. Like we believe her
let me guess, upon awaking, she realised that her thighs were sore

you have to ask; its like University Campus when females have an “accidental” female experience
is that something which happens so suddenly, I mean, a totally new experience
as in, she was seduced by a female?
slowly, them two alone, watching a porno, or something or that sort, and then, they have an idea
one females slowly undresses the other after they exhaust their man problems?
one then kisses, kissing the neck, followed by the naval, and then they suddenly find themselves naked
from there a little tongue insertion – neither has done before
next thing the electronics comes out – and were not talking about GTA or FIFA
problem is, few people have a problem with “lesbians”, but why
maybe its because the man-act is seen as far more “intrusive”
a female rape is a turn on but a male rape is a turn out

funny thing is, with females, one seduces the other but you struggle to say rape
reporting into a police station: “she tied me up and ate me out until I had multiple orgasms
it was terrible; I was squirting all over the place”
imagine with guys; no its just not the same. Second a man touches another, its a war!
your just lying there and a dude walks in on you and touched u, it is a beat down
there wont be any “I was just testing” or “I thought you were into me”
things do get scary, at least when it comes to prison; we’d rather not take showers
guys are funny like that; they would rather not be invaded!
females are internal and males are external, so there is a major difference
that explains why there is now this big move towards “no-homoism”
by this, we are referring to undercover not so under males who take things to extremes
they do anything together but “reveal” or “confess” that they are into each other


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