afrikan liberation


last week there was an Afrikan Liberation day event held in London
here they are a bunch of wogs talking about getting free from “the racists” and yet, there, renting (and thereby financing a racist) building, whilst begging for money to support the purchase of their own.
if the message didn’t get out, it needs to be said! Darkies are a JOKE!
Let us be honest for a second because when you look at how they are now, you will understand how we were able to dominate them so easily during the formal enslavement period!
of course, you won’t really get a feel for their pitiful state without close contact with them however, you can listen to their “radical posturing” by tuning into their “premiere” radio broadcasts

Sunday is the day for that (cf Hoax Caller) because on that Day, they jump on their horses as we are treated to hours of mediocrity
first, tune into Omega Radio (104.1 fm), 10am to 1 pm
then Genesis Radio (91.6 fm) 3om to 6pm and again, 10pm to 2pm
you will be pleased to hear that these negroes are lost, and beyond that, harmless!
and thats why I get on here and “run my gums”!
the worst that will happen is people will “complain” and I will issue an “apology”
doesn’t impact upon my life; I still get paid every time I do a show and more importantly
I get laughs every time I ridicule the coon crew,


pay homage!

now then a question to these radical people who discuss “afrika” (the motherland)
since we all came from Africa, according to your literature, how can anyone be more African than any others
also, please tell me, will youy be boycotting the world cup since it appears on the “white peoples” television channels?
and last, will you finally take your monkey butts off our turfs and go plant yourself on the hell hole we know as Africa since you clearly have nothing constructive to offer to Britain

…pretty please!!!


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