First 25 (2nd coming)

6 weeks ago our phone was stolen …we suspect it was coons

our computer also crashed meaning our blackberry contacts were lost and so, we had to undertake and engage in a process of recovering memory

and so, digging through and digging up any archive, catalogues and records, we present to you, our first 25 contacts to accept the Lord, the 2nd coming

Millionaire 222DD4A3
Blankit 3295D8F8
Dajjal 28800620
Siberna 2250E439
Fanwell 2A789B58
Larcia 27Da9FD8
Arowolo 281F1A1D
Arthur 24F39318
Barbie Dope 29362D33
Belomi 27B0DDAE
Captain Charisma 299A61F8
Dougie 7939Ae28
MC Thriller 3320e26f
Nicole 2758ce90
Onome 235b8165
Tarus 296F11F0
Up 285BB244
Walter 295C06F7
Minnie 2ABB5907
Garrick 2A408AFF
Leah 2B58C9B9
Tylar 22AAc6cc
Leeuz 24Bfa526
Anthrax 22DFC3E9


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