Happy Anniversary


It is one year since we started thsi blog and much has happened! To cut to the chase, our phone was stolen, and the chances are, it was a darkie! That said, we have to ask, what motivates monkeys?
We had a HTC and always imagined that our cheap phone would never get stolen, I mean, £40 is not a lot of money, what you going to get with that ? I dunno how baseheads think but it is desperate, which reminds me…

has anyone noticed how baseheads are some of the most polite people you will find
not only do they have amazing manners but they have incredible “excuses” or “reasons” for why you should “sponsor” them – technically it is not “begging” but “asking”
“Hi, I lost my car keys and need to catch a bus home”
“Hi, I left home without my purse/wallet and need to get back”
“Excuse me sir, could you spare a few pounds”
which once more gets me wondering, what is spare change! is it something like a spare tyre? Is there a comparment in your bank that has money you dont really need and can give away!
the great thing about baseheads is they not only get you thinking, but they get you buying, I mean, they can sell you the most incredible things
other day, one of them came by and offered me a sofa, only, when he had to break a lock to get into a van I got a bit suspicious, I mean, no sofa that just sits in a van can be that clean now can it
When they need to sell, they are some of the few people that drop their prices – radically!
dude was selling me a bike the other day, and it was incredible how it dropped from £20 to £15 to £10 to whatever change you have
I bought out £4, naturally, but then he pleaded I have sympathy and throw in a couple more quid
wouldnt that be brilliant if beggars could really be choosers, I mean, you throw them change and then they size you up and say “you can contribute more”
imagine that, they start to treat beggin like tithing
I always wondered, why dont the homeless sleep near churches – they cant be ignored
If that was me, I’d sit there reminding them about the Samaritan everyday
I’ll be getting them paranoid “the son of god told you he would return in mystery”
grow a long bear and claim I literally am the second coming – just overlook the brown eyes!

sayting that, have you ever noticed that whilst people poke fun at Jesus, it doesnt quite go down the same way with Muhammed, in fact, we have to preface his name with “The Prophet”, and sometimes add, “peace be upon him.” All the while, I dont even know if this dude existed
we should “respect” beliefs? I agree
I worship the holy trinity of Zeus, Aquaman and Rasta Mouse – and I declare war on any infidel that disputes their historical existence
No really, you have to wonder how dire it would be if not one was allowed to offend other people
we’d be asking permission to speak, I mean, it would take all the fun out of comedy, we would have to do rehearsals before we could even perform live
imagine that, the audience turn into movie directors and producers editing our material! Un-real!

‘thank you for all that have followed us this year and believe, there is much more to come



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